About Swarn Media Asian Wedding Photography

Expert wedding photographers and videographers

We are a team of award winning wedding photographers and videographers, passionate about creating everlasting memories of your special day. We have been making wedding films for over 30 years and have broad  experience of Indian, Asian, Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings.
Knowing which big moments of your wedding day are important to capture is key to our craft, but we also work hard to anticipate the smaller moments of joy, anticipation and excitement that really create your wedding atmosphere..

Telling the story of Your Wedding Day

We are dedicated in everything we do, and always take into account what you want from your wedding photos and/or video. We build a relationship with our customers, and our work begins well before the day of the wedding. First, we speak with you well advance – about your hopes, visions and preferences for your wedding photos and/or video.
Next, we will carefully plan our photography and videography for the day, having thought through our own vision for our final creation with your preferences in mind.

After the big day, we begin the real work: telling the story of your wedding day.

We capture the atmosphere, joy and luxury of your day and recreate this in our final product.

The outcome? A beautiful piece of work that you will look back on to relive your special day in years to come.

Proud of our craft

Proud of our work, and always striving to capture your wedding day in all its glory.
You can trust us to create a beautiful collection of memories from your wedding, and to assemble these in a way that tells a detailed, intricate story.
Your wedding is a time that should be remembered in all its glory, and we look forward to helping you do just that.